Answers to your frequently asked questions

With technology this groundbreaking, you’re bound to have a few questions. We’ve taken a shot at answering some of the most common questions we’re asked below. If we didn’t answer your question or you need more information, let us know using the form on our contact us page.

How do you drive traffic to the virtual presenter?

There are two types of viewers for any of the services that we create: people who are "known" and people that are "unknown." Known visitors will view the presentation as a result of any direct marketing efforts that can include direct mail, e-mail or service initiated referrals. Unknown visitors visit your home page as a result of your SEO and SEM efforts. The key purpose of our adaptive technology is to leverage all of the traffic that is already being driven to your site.

Will this play on iOS and Android mobile devices?

Our technology works on most phones, tablets, desktop devices, games consoles and Smart TVs that support HTML5 video or Adobe Flash.

How much does your service cost?

The cost is unique to each project and is driven by customer needs, available assets and content, duration, integration with existing systems, and overall complexity. The process begins with a fixed fee Discovery Workshop. Once the Discovery Workshop is completed, we compile a thorough Discovery Workshop Report along with a fixed fee Development and Services Agreement that will include a cost for production and monthly service fee.

Will your service trigger e-mail alerts regarding visitor participation?

Absolutely, measurement of visitor engagement is a critical element. During our Discovery Workshop we will identify the trigger events and establish an understanding of the rules associated with routing the various e-mail alerts.

How will you help me measure my return on investment?

Our clients often incorporate visitor interactions with the virtual presenter directly into their CRM, Marketing Automation and or ERP systems. Our team will work with you to close the loop entirely or as much as we can with your existing business processes.  We focus on creating a transparent view of a clear funnel of activity from start to finish.

What can I do to reduce the cost?

Some of the key things you can do to reduce cost include: identifying and delivering approved digital assets and copy for use in the service, facilitating the involvement of your subject matter experts during critical fact finding sessions, turning around response requests in a timely manner, along with capturing and sharing the essence of your current marketing materials.

How do you get the talent to look like they are actually saying my name?

We actually record the presenter saying the most common names of your target audience. For our virtual presentation with Sean Cooper (featured on this site), we incorporated the top 200 male and 200 female names from 1960-1979 according to Social Security Administration.  The 60's and 70's were chosen because the majority of people making the buying decision fall within this 20-year time period.

Is this like YouTube?

YouTube is one of a number of video sharing communities where users upload or share their videos for other people to download and watch. With these services, everyone sees the same video. In contrast, Real Time Content allows people to see unique videos that are always relevant to them and even let them guide the storyline.

I have invested a lot of money over the years in creating digital assets i.e. photos, illustrations, videos etc., can they be included?

Absolutely, we encourage our clients to repurpose any and all existing assets that accurately reflect your brand and communicate your message. This is one of the ways you can help reduce the cost of our service. We will review your asset library during the Discovery phase.

Where do you hold the video shoot? Can I attend?

We generally record the presenter in  professional TV/Film studios in Atlanta, Charlotte or London.  Our clients are welcome to attend. For your convenience, we often make the live shoot accessible via an online meeting service where clients can see and hear what’s being recorded.