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We have received hundreds of unsolicited feedback messages from our visitors but my favorite is this one from an international manufacturer of agriculture equipment, she said, “Your use of current technology is amazing and truly helps represent the quality of the services you offer. I have been in contact with a product manager and am considering purchasing your product.

– Ross Conroy


A 24/7 scalable solution to increase sales

A leading online business data intelligence provider, EDA had a highly successful marketing program that used outbound print and e-mail direct mail to drive one-to-one WebEx sales presentations. EDA’s direct marketing campaigns were getting a 20% response rate, but each sale required at least a one, hour-long WebEx presentation. They wanted to crank up their marketing efforts, but they just didn’t have enough salespeople to conduct demos for every interested prospect.

Finding, hiring and training the right people would have been an issue, and even with added staff it would still be difficult to manage the peaks in demand triggered by specific marketing campaigns.

Real Time Content met the challenge head on with a virtual presenter who delivers demonstrations and feeds qualified leads to EDA’s sales team. Each visitor receives a personalized product demonstration based on their unique details including their industry, business type, source campaign and location.

After 12 months, the number of demonstrations increased by 223% and the number of completed demos grew 75%. The average demo duration was reduced by 15 minutes because it let users focus only on the information that was most important to them. At the same time, the average completed demonstration was still an incredible 42 minutes. EDA never expected their prospects to commit this much time interacting with the virtual presenter, but they did.

The virtual presenter cut EDA’s average sales cycle by 46 days because prospects were able to pull the content they wanted, when they wanted it. Today, more than 90% of EDA’s sales now occur after a virtual presentation.

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