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The team at RTC asked all the right questions and prepared the script and supporting creative within 75 days. I must say when I first saw the finished product I was blown away. The virtual presenter sounded just like me. The technology will enable us to interactively engage with our more than 60,000 unique visitors per month in a manner that frankly doesn’t exist in the trucking industry.

– Tony Stroncheck
President, ProMiles


Technology that helps sales go viral

Fuel Surcharge Index is a new service that simplifies the process of calculating fuel surcharges, and makes the system fairer for carriers, shippers and brokers. Because of the strong, yet different sales messages that need to be directed to both carriers and shippers, the RTC service is an ideal solution to drive FuelSurchargeIndex.org sales.

Real Time Content’s virtual presenter experience did exactly that, even allowing carriers to share the presentation with their shippers (and vice versa). The virtual presenter experience generates sales interest and funnels visitors directly to the ‘sign up’ page of FSI. As a result, the market has started to publicize the service virally, and each viewer can view the benefits that are specific to their needs.

The service includes advanced features such as real-time fuel surcharge calculations within the video, real time comparisons for particular shipping routes based on the location of the viewer, and online ordering.

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