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Our partnership with RTC has enabled us to create a personalised, engaging, and informative experience for our customers which will help them to better understand their insurance coverage before they need to file a claim—that’s critical.

– Locke Burt
Chairman and President


Security First Insurance, Florida’s favourite insurance company, are using Real Time Content’s personalized video statements to help new policy holders understand their insurance policy documentation.

“We want to ensure that our customers have a thorough understanding of their insurance coverage and the steps to take if they ever need to file a claim,” said Locke Burt, chairman and president of Security First Insurance. “We feel it’s our responsibility to use technology to improve the customer experience and convey this important information in the most engaging and easy-to-understand format possible.”

The interactive policy holder video greets the policy holders by name, makes reference to their address and features the key details of their insurance policy. It explains coverage amounts, exclusions and deductibles in a friendly and engaging way. New policy holders are sent an automated email after sign up and within the first few months of launch approximately 20% of new policy holders are watching their personalized video and spending an average of over 5 minutes learning about their policy coverage.

As a result of the success of the initial English language version, Security First plan to release a Spanish language version, as well as a follow-up service offering seasonal safety tips

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