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How it Works

We use our proprietary editing tool to segment each video presentation into clips and then tag each clip with information about what's in the scene. We tag not just the topic of the scene, but the content, messages, and audience needs. We then create a storyboard template with rules about which video scenes should be used when and for what user profiles. This allows us to create a structured, easy-to-follow narrative that uses cause and effect relationships and sequencing to relay a compelling, engaging message that's unique for each viewer.

When a user views your virtual presenter, we capture their profile information and use it to personalize the experience by showing the video scenes that are most relevant to them. Using this information, we're able to instantly create a customized virtual presenter for each individual viewer that's different every time they view it. Behind the scenes, we're able to constantly track, measure and analyze how each user interacts with the video in order to optimize the virtual presenter experience for each individual user.

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