Video Solutions for Every Industry

From sales to service, education to entertainment, our virtual presenter experience offers an engaging, results-focused platform that allows businesses to use their resources more effectively and efficiently. With content that seamlessly adapts in real time to the varying interests of each user, the virtual presenter experience enhances and amplifies your message in order to help you to better meet your business goals.

Jumpstart Sales

Powerful messaging that accelerates sales Jumpstart Sales

Top sales professionals never give the same pitch twice—they're constantly adapting their message so it's personalized and relevant to their audience. Real Time Content's virtual presenter lets you deliver a consistent, yet personalized message to each prospect and empower your team to focus on closing the deal.

We capture the best skills and best messaging from your top sales professionals to create a customized virtual presenter experience that's unique for each user. The virtual presenter experience leads your prospects through the sales funnel, proactively addresses sales barriers, filters out users who aren't a good fit, and feeds highly qualified leads directly to your sales team. This approach accelerates the sales cycle from months to weeks and gives your sales team the freedom to focus all their time and energy on the leads with the most potential.

Boost Recruitment

A 24/7 staff dedicated to finding the best candidates Boost Recruitment

Our virtual presenter experience makes it easy to find the best-qualified candidates for each position you're trying to fill. We use the best skills of your best recruiters to create an online virtual presenter with 24/7 unlimited capacity. This lets you move the repetitive parts of the recruitment process to the online experience and automatically pre-screen and feed applicants and inquires to your team.

The virtual presenter educates each potential candidate about your career opportunities and culture while filtering out unsuitable candidates based on your qualification criteria. Because candidates can see the actual culture of your organization, the video presentation not only lets candidates assess whether they'll fit in, but helps generate excitement about the position and your company.

Educate and Train

Adaptive messaging that informs and empowers Enhance Training

Whether you're sharing information with customers, employees, students or partners, it's critical to ensure that each individual has easy access to the information they personally need. Our revolutionary virtual presenter experience offers completely personalized, highly relevant and totally engaging informational video experiences that actually drive down costs. To do this, we simply capture the techniques used by your best trainers or customer service representatives and use this to create your 24/7/365 online experience. From in-job training and support to informational sessions about safety policies and protocol, the virtual presenter experience lets you not only educate your audience, but track their progress through the video experience to ensure that they viewer has all the information they need.

Improve Service

Personalized video that provides on-demand support Improve Service

Using innovative customized video, the virtual presenter experience allows the viewer to actually control what they see next. This lets businesses elevate the level of customer service they offer while reducing costs. Our technology is simple and scalable so it can easily handle short and long term changes in demand without added cost or staff. The adaptive nature of the virtual presenter experience lets you provide the personal touch customers expect at the fraction of the cost of live support personnel.

Entertain Audiences

Captivating messaging that engages and entertains Entertain Audiences

Online video has long been a one-sided experience with users viewing a single, unchanging message regardless of their interests. Our personalized, adaptable video lets media owners create radically new entertainment formats that engage viewers like never before. This technology gives you the flexibility to generate new revenue streams, promote your media assets, or offer value added media services for your networks and partners. Our video solutions have been used deliver groundbreaking media experiences for news and sports content, games, documentaries and social media applications.